The P5 Rocket™ Model

Misalignment, disorganization, and unorganized processes… If you are experiencing these and want to learn more about effective business strategies, the P5 Rocket™ is the perfect tool!

Visit and experience our P5 Rocket™ Virtual Reality.

Watch the instructional video below.


EPS OPTIC(S)™ is the best tool to start documenting your processes through simple, clear and effective way.

Using our EPS OPTIC(S)™ application, you can use our easy to follow process documentation templates; manage all your process documents in one place accessible any time, anywhere; keep track of your team’s milestones; and monitor process failures and opportunities and assign accountability.

Learning Styles Assessment

Learning Styles Assessment is a tool you can use and apply in your business for each new employee. Take our complimentary Learning Styles Assessment and get access to your results instantly. Identify your primary and secondary learning style. Get tips for improving training and information retention for your learning styles.

Number’s Game

Have you ever thought about what happens when your process doesn’t have a framework?
What happens when you engage employees in cleaning up the clutter?
What happens when you get your processes aligned and organized?
What happens if management doesn’t continue to support alignment and clarity?

We offer a quick and simple workshop for you and your team to learn and understand why having clearly aligned processes is important in any organization or business.

Want to know how we kick businesses into high gear?