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Utilize Your Full Brainpower: Engagement is Key to Plant Performance

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Utilize Your Full Brainpower: Engagement is Key to Plant Performance

How can you maximize your plant’s performance? One simple thing to do is to engage your workforce each and every day. Engaged employees are more motivated, productive, and innovative. And this engagement does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. All it takes is one question: “What problems have we solved today?” This will help identify what the issues are on the ground level as well as create solutions for those issues in an efficient manner with everyone involved.

In addition, focusing on the people at the top of your organization is not nearly as effective. They are too removed from those in the trenches and find it difficult to see what’s going wrong or where you need more help with production and innovation. This leads to a disconnect between employees on the ground level and upper management which can be detrimental for sustaining improvements.

How do you think your employees will feel when they’re engaged in this manner vs simply relying on management to solve every issue?

You have to care about the people on your team in order for them to feel like they’re part of something. A mantra you might hear from a company that is focused on their employees is “we’ve got your back”.

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