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Organizational Metaphors: 3 Most Important Things to Keep the Fire Burning

The fire place is made up of brown bricks with lots of chopped woods on its left and a black pale on its right. It has a design of metal leaves.

Sitting and watching a warm crackling 🔥 contemplating how the 3 most important things to keep a fire burning are a metaphor for our organizations


1. Fuel & Oxygen

2. Chemical Reaction

3. Heat


Without all three elements, the fire will die out. Fire requires tending to maintain. Appropriate maintenance ensures balance.


Too much oxygen & fuel = Out of control unsafe conditions.

Too little oxygen or fuel = Death of the fire.


The chemical reaction is the process by which the fire happens. Heat feeds itself. Without heat, the fire dies or never even starts. Heat is required to start & sustain the fire. It also produces more heat!


So, what is this metaphor?

Oxygen & fuel are the cash flow and profit required to keep your business going. Without a supply of cash flow (oxygen) your fire will die immediately. Fuel is a slow burn. Decreasing profits end up in a bankrupt business. The chemical reaction represents your process. If your process is ineffective or not working, your business will die. The laws of chemistry and physics ensure real fires keep burning. With business, you must create, maintain and improve your processes.


Finally, heat. Heat is required to start and keep the fire going. The strange thing about heat is that is also generated by fire. Employee engagement is the heat of your business. Without engaging people, you can’t start. An organization that is lighting the world on fire generates more human and employee engagement.


It is a great purpose to fulfill!


1. Engage people in a positive way to light your organization’s fire.

2. Keep your organization’s core purpose to impact people in a positive way.


Grow your fire & keep moving forward!


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