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The top 7 things business leaders get wrong about process…

What you think, what it actually is, what you would like it to be. The top 7 things business leaders get wrong about process. It has different shapes with different colors.

The top 7 things business leaders get wrong about process…

1. Overcomplexification… I know that isn’t a word but making things more complex than they need to be is almost always counterproductive.

2. Oversimplification… Assuming processes are simpler than they actually are.

3. Lack of consistent documentation… As businesses & teams grow, standards get eroded. People who train people who train people who train people end up with a lack of consistency.

4. Too much documentation… Process standardization on how to use a stapler leads to people not caring about the important stuff. People are incapable of “focusing on everything”. Teams need to know what the priority is.

5. Explaining what & how, but not why… When employees don’t understand the purpose – they take shortcuts, forget important steps, and fail to engage in process improvement ideas.

6. Creating processes in board rooms… Engaging employees who “do the process” in creating the process documentation is critical. There are 3 types of processes: What you think. What it is. What you want it to be. Don’t make the mistake of documenting what you think is happening without validation!

7. Accepting the status quo… Process steps can be eliminated, combined, rearranged, simplified, & automated. Failing to engage employees in driving improvements leads to stagnation & frustrated/disengaged employees.

What would you add about the process???

Outsourcing of virtual jobs to amplify your team’s success requires great process & communication. I have observed (and been part of) both incredibly successful & disappointingly unsuccessful outsourcing efforts. Getting your process & communication right is essential to make this work.

Keep moving forward on your journey of process excellence!

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