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Successful Performance in Context

The context of purpose plus people plus process is equal to performance is the car's tire. it needs to undergo into the three elements in order for the car to perform.

I often speak with business owners who focus on PERFORMANCE.

Don’t get me wrong!

Performance is critical. It is the lifeblood of our organizations.

Without Performance…

  1. Clients get frustrated
  2. Employees get frustrated
  3. The CEO gets frustrated
  4. The shareholders get frustrated
  5. Employees’ families get frustrated…
  6. … You get the point!


Purpose People Process is equal to performance. It has three important elements which are tools, skills and mindset. Each element go hand in hand and aligned processes.


The challenge that we all must face is an important one. What does performance mean & how can we link it to a meaningful purpose? A few years ago, my team created this slide.

The context in which you define “success” is closely linked to the purpose which drives you & your organization.

To put it all in context and understand how to move forward…

  • Is your purpose to become a well-oiled machine winning a Formula 1 race? In this context – you may see your team as a “Competitor”
  • Is your purpose to become an amazing service provider delivering value to clients through maintaining & enhancing their lives? In this context – you may see your team as “Collaborators”
  • Is your purpose to fix broken things? In this context – you may see your team as a “Family”

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer but becoming aware of the context in which you view performance will shed light on the type of people & processes that you need to establish for your team to succeed.

Keep moving forward!


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