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Stop being Stuck on Stuck Street!

There were houses and trees in this so called Stuck Street.

Clear decision-making is critical to succeed in business. Sometimes you must move forward boldly even with a lack of desired data. Sometimes failing to act is essentially a decision by default!

  • Have you missed an acquisition opportunity due to inaction?
  • Have you lost a great customer because your team reacted to a problem without confidence in how to proceed?
  • Have you missed a growth opportunity due to a delay in purchasing a piece of equipment or software?

Indecision. It always struck him at the most inopportune times. On this occasion, Stanley Squirrel was in over his head. He was hesitating in the middle of Stuck Street, the one right down from your house. I’m sure you know it well. It’s that road that forks off Decision Street, runs parallel with Option Street, and then leads past all the houses with vehicles in the driveway. Stanley Squirrel crouched there, inwardly assessing his options. Should he run to the lawns on the right and look for acorns to stash or should he try the lawns on the left? There were more trees on the right, offering more potential jackpots, but the trees on the left were bigger! They might have more yield. What to do, what to do…

He darted to the right. And stopped! Those trees across the street were awfully big. Maybe that was the best option. Yes! Larger tree…more nuts. Yes! He wheeled and began hopping toward the left sidewalk. Stanley Squirrel halted in his tracks. What was he thinking? More trees…more nuts! Of course! He frowned and tried to concentrate. Just then, Mr. Smith ambled out the door of 401 W. Stuck Street, strode to his car, and fired up the engine of his car…

Well, I’m sure we all know how that ends!

Here’s the thing. Indecision can cost your business a lot! It’s that nasty quality that keeps you hesitating on Stuck Street only to get flattened like Stanley.

Indecision leads to:

              Missed Opportunity.

Hesitating over the purchase of a new building for expansion can lead to it being leased/purchased before you put in your offer.

              Extra Expense.

              Waiting to purchase raw materials until the last minute costs extra shipping expense

              Wasted Time.

Delayed scheduling due to uncertainty in labor or raw material availability can lead to extra downtime or last-minute rush orders



Indecision is the same as sitting back and letting time and circumstance make your choices for you. It’s not that decisions aren’t made…they’re just not made by you!


I think you are a better judge of what’s best for your company than mindless Time and Circumstance. Staying committed and determined can make all the difference. Go towards your goal! 

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