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Stepping over dollars to pick up pennies…

The company cleaned the windows, made some changes to the floor plan, and installed a new camera system.

A client had a significant problem… There was quality damage occurring in the range of $30k-$50k per month caused by crane damage in one part of their warehouse.

As we evaluated the problem with the team, there were several obvious opportunities for improvement.

  • The windows on the crane were very dirty and difficult to see through.
  • The camera system was outdated. 4 camera views were available on a small screen that was zip-tied to a corner of the cab.
  • One of the camera views was black (broken). The operator shared with me that it had been broken for years.
  • A second camera view was completely white (also broken). The operator shared with me that until recently that camera was in working condition; however, the company had recently installed new LED lighting within 2′ of that camera.
  • Only one camera was actually in working condition!

When the team met with management to highlight the findings, one of the maintenance managers objected to spending $7k of his budget on new cameras, as he had more important priorities!

C-level executives focus on ROI. It is critical for managers presenting to leadership teams to understand what this means.

In this case, the General Manager understood the challenges being faced and approved an extra budget to solve the issue. The company cleaned the windows, made some changes in the area layout, and installed a new camera system. The overall cost was less than $10k, and the monthly damage was reduced by 60%!

In real terms, the one-time investment of $10k saved over $25k per month. Would you spend $10k to get a $25k return in month 1?

This is what is meant by the comment about stepping over dollars to pick up pennies!

Where do these opportunities exist in your organization?

What are you doing to engage employees to improve processes and deliver results?

Our team at EPS has 4 offerings to support your team in executing improvements called OPTIC(S)™:

  1. Organizational Performance: Strategic workshops to align leadership, identify opportunities & prioritize focus areas.
  2. Training: Develop your leaders to create standards, engage employees in improvements, and improve leadership skills.
  3. Integrated Consulting: Working with your teams to align people & processes for improved results.
  4. Services: Support services to help you document & execute accounting/finance processes and develop actionable business intelligence insights through data.

Interested in learning more? Check out our newly relaunched website at www.epszone.com!

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