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Reimagining the KPIs: Informed, Involved, Interested, and Inspired

The new KPIs are keeping people informed, involved, interested, and inspired.

If Key Performance Indicators don’t inspire, inform, involve, and interest people, then it is unlikely that they will IMPACT the outcomes!

In a recent post by Robertson Hunter Stewart, president of RHS Consulting, “KPI” took on a new and powerful meaning.

What if your business quit focusing on the top 4 standard KPIs and focused on Stewart’s Top 4 instead?

What if instead of monitoring results, your business was driving them?

4 KPIs for 2023

Keep People Informed!

There is no doubt about it! Knowledge is power! Leaders looking to effectively engage their employees should always start with great communication. Nothing undermines workplace satisfaction and productivity like not knowing what’s going on. Taking time to keep your employees up-to-date on relevant changes, key documentation, outcomes of decisions, and plans for the future lets them know they are valued and respected and gives them a personal stake in your business! This in turn will naturally lead to elevated engagement, or in other words, Involvement!


These people are in a conference and they are raising their hands because they are cooperating and informed.


Keep People Involved!

Everyone likes to be heard, and that goes for employees too! It may be counterintuitive, but involving employee input in key decisions gives business leaders valuable insight into workplace culture and management, cultivates good employee/employer relationships, and clarifies expectations and areas of breakdown. This in turn drives enhanced performance, leading to better outcomes. In addition, who knows better how a process can be improved or streamlined than the people who do it every day? Give your employees a voice and a connection and watch them take responsibility! Employees who feel respected and valued are enabled to bring their skills and expertise to your table. Get out of the boardroom and onto the floor!

If we truly believe that human energy is the fuel that propels our organizations, then we need to keep employees involved, interested, informed, and inspired.

Keep People Interested!

Involved people are interested people.


This man closed his eyes to concentrate because he is interested in something.


How much does employee interest impact your success? Also, think about the last bad waitress you had. How interested was he or she in your dining experience? How likely are you to go back to that particular restaurant? Interested people are willing, motivated, and hardworking. They stay on task and are ready to learn and grow. Interested employees are more likely to hone their skills, improving efficiency and effectiveness. They are the people who are going to go out of their way to add value to your business. Those who find their environment stimulating and engaging are more likely to stick around long-term, bringing experience and skills to their jobs and teammates.

Interested employees bring energy to your company, adding fuel to your Rocket, and enabling you to fulfill your mission!

Keep People Inspired!

Having a strong, well-communicated vision for your company brings purpose to your organization. Employees who are passionate about their end goal are willing to commit to making your mission a success! Passion and purpose are enormous motivators in the workplace. When employees can see that they are vital contributors to the outcome of your business they will feel a personal connection to results and satisfaction from a job well done!


This picture shows that people are successful because they are informed, involved, inspired, and interested.


Informed, Involved, Interested, Inspired

These are the KPIs that generate the results you are seeing in your metrics. Get these right; make these your primary focus; and your business will be driving the standard indicators of performance: sales growth, individual client revenue, profit margin, and employee/customer satisfaction. But make sure your people have the information they need to succeed then involve them in the process! You will give them the motivation to learn and grow, engage their attention, and give them a reason to care!

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