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Most Companies Get Process Improvement Backwards

Keep moving forward! This is the gist of this content.

Did you know that most companies get process improvement backward?

Here’s what I mean…

Rather than start with a rock-solid foundation that’s built on a clear onboarding and training process, they try to solve problems that arise after the fact.

The result? Problems are always solved at the surface level rather than the root!

I encourage you to spend time looking at the various departments within your business and tracking the time spent with rework, miscommunication, bad handoffs, etc.

Don’t be surprised if you find the time spent with all of the wasteful activities far surpasses the time it’d take to simply build out solid onboarding and training processes.

Often, “We don’t have time for that.” is an excuse not founded in reality and restricts you from doing what needs to be done.


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We took a team of overworked staff and worked with them to document all processes and create a training plan for each role.

The result? They said in an anonymous survey that their work-life balance, stress, clarity of their role, and overworked levels improved dramatically from when they began working with us.

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