Important Announcement: EMMA Workspace Rebranding

The new website is now out! It has the P5 rocket model and the logo of the EPS OPTIC(S)™ is at the bottom.

Attention to EMMA WORKSPACE users!

We are excited to announce that EMMA Workspace’s new software name is EPS OPTIC(S)™.

The new website is


Attention to EMMA WORKSPACE users! We are excited to announce that EMMA Workspace's new software name is EPS OPTIC(S)™. The new website is


Monitor your mailbox moving forward, the notifications will be coming from

Here is the update inside the EPS OPTIC(S):

Modules: OPTIC(S) Training 



The P5 rocket model is a new feature of the EPS OPTIC(S)™ as the rebranding of EMMA Workspace.


  • The EPS OPTIC(S) feature is the P5 Rocket Model which composes of purposeproductperformancepeopleprocess, and human energy
  • This OPTIC(S) Training is for documentation and process alignment
  • Your team will learn to coordinate across departments, onboard employees more efficiently and effectively, set process and performance standards, involve employees in continuous improvement methods, and communicate more effectively.

If you are experiencing some misalignment, disorganization, and unorganized processes, this model is for you!

Interested in learning about the new KPIs: Informed, Involved, Interested, Inspired? Check us out at

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