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How do you react to risk?

There are 3 people wearing their coats and each person has different risks.

Identify & name the risks that are facing your business or causing you stress. (Some risks are perceived, and some are real – both are important!) You should then identify the emotions that you associate with each of the risks.

At the start of COVID, the three human reactions to the risks became incredibly clear…

Sales of alcohol, toilet paper, and ammunition shot through the roof. We can all remember the “great TP shortage of 2020”. Liquor sales spiked. Ammunition became difficult to find…

What have you learned about your personal response to risks? How prepared are you to lead & care for your team’s emotional & physical needs through future challenges?


Great leaders must keep a pulse on the variety of ways that their team will react in the midst of a crisis…


I personally led teams through hurricanes, floods, disease, and other natural disasters during my time in the Philippines. Our “business continuity planning” processes included understanding the impact on people, processes, & performance. I also learned valuable lessons about connecting with people on a personal level to continue engaging hearts and minds toward a common successful outcome.

The EPS team is committed to helping your organization to identify, align, improve & execute effective processes. Data can help you with objective decision-making, but you also need to consider your emotions related to key decisions.

Our shared services team is working with big data to enable decision-making, including the understanding of predictive analytics to see the opportunities & warning signs ahead. We also work with your team to navigate the challenges that you are facing.

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Keep moving forward!

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