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Execution – without it, training is useless!

The man is presenting in front of the audiences about the people process training.

Last week we started the 4th round of training with an existing client (half of the participants live in Chicago & half joined virtually from Europe!).

I love working with clients who don’t just attend training – they EXECUTE! Learning & training are only effective to the extent that your team applies the tools & executes what they have learned!

This is why every training program we do is focused on enabling the participants to complete “homework challenges” that enable them to look at their process in a different way & engage their team to be more successful!


Is your company’s training successful at enabling execution? Years ago I was promoted to a new role. The VP I was reporting to told me that in the previous 12 months they had trained 500 “white belts” throughout the organization. He also informed me that I would need to present my strategy to the CFO in about 1 month.

My assignment was very clear. I knew the question the CFO would ask immediately when I would inform him of these people who had been trained…

Great! What did they do? What value did it create for the company? It was at that moment that I realized that any training I would lead in the future would need to focus on action.


If you get trained to ride a bicycle but never get a bicycle… the training was useless.

If you get trained on a new software program, but it never gets implemented… the training was useless.

If you get trained on leadership skills that seem great in training but never get tired of your team… the training was useless.


What are you doing to ensure the training you provide to your leaders is implemented effectively & efficiently?


Interested in learning more? Check us out at www.epszone.com or download the ebook at www.ryancweiss.com/ebook


Starting something new is hard…. really hard.

I left the corporate world 6.5 years ago to start my own company. It was exciting & terrifying. Initially, I sought safety.

Fast forward… 2.5 years ago (March 13, 2020) was even harder. Every client I had earned at that time called to let me know that our projects were canceled or postponed… My business was built around face-to-face consulting. I was traveling 2-3 weeks per month and getting burned out. I realized that I had left one treadmill & got on another…

Since that time, I have hired 10 employees, with over 90% of our revenue coming through virtual training, local consulting, licensing, and outsourcing.


We have completely rebranded & relaunched our website (www.epszone.com) with our services organized under the following brand:



  • Organizational Performance – Our team has been facilitating strategic planning sessions to help organizations align around People, Processes, & Purpose.
  • Training – We have an amazing training program to enable leadership teams & developing leaders to grow.
  • Integrated Consulting – Supporting our clients in executing. Training is not enough without execution! Our team is here to enable your team’s success.
  • Services – Our outsourcing team has been growing rapidly as we enable client success in the areas of finance/accounting, data analytics, and process documentation.


We are super excited about the journey & learning more every day. Thank you to all our amazing customers who we are honored & humbled to serve.

Keep moving forward!


Interested in learning more? Check us out at www.epszone.com or download the ebook at www.ryancweiss.com/ebook. Listen to our podcast on Spotify and subscribe to our Newsletter to get updated every Tuesday morning!

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