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Engagement for Organizational Prosperity: Solving Your Real Problem

To date, these blogs have addressed how a problem is often a symptom of a real problem and what the real problem of your organization is. The internal and external pain points are often indicators that the people and the processes within your organization are not aligned.

The solution to the real problem is in the real problem itself, aligning the people with the processes of the organization. Much like a rocket ship, it’s not as simple as it sounds. One part of the solution is ensuring that all the people understand and accept the processes and the purpose of your organization.

It is through building communication and the proper documentation of what the processes should be that your organization gains momentum, much like how fuel propels a rocket ship forward. Performance within the organization is achieved and stressors start to decrease, creating a smoother ride forward.

Organizations often focus on one aspect or the other. Some focus a lot on process training and implementation, like Six Sigma. Some organizations spend a lot of time doing manager training, leadership training, and other training. One without the other will usually cause more problems than solutions and can be a costly experience.

Clearly Defined Processes


Processes should be clearly stated and refined. This does not always require programs like Six Sigma or Lean. Start with engaging your team to document everything as it is actually being done. This alone can tell you where the processes are going astray.

Some processes are defined only with the mission or purpose of the organization in mind. This can create unrealistic expectations of what people can do. When processes are clearly aligned, your team performs better and ultimately fulfills your organization’s purpose.


Two people in their black suit and blue long sleeves are writing in a blackboard. One is sketching a man's face with question marks and the other one is sketching light bulbs.


Training People


To create effective change, your entire team must possess the proper tools, skills, and mindset. Usually at least one is missing. Do you hire disengaged people, or do they become disengaged over time? Assigning people to processes in which they have no skill or talent leads to frustration and failure, which leads to burnout.

Your people must understand the purpose of the processes or else it becomes a waste of potential. Celebrating every success and accomplishment can boost morale and encourage engagement.

Another aspect to consider is properly acknowledging your employees’ skills and assigning them to processes that best fit their talents. Training can also be incorporated to help build skills that employees might not be strong in.



Communication is vital between departments, between management and employees, and at every level throughout your organization. Interpersonal communication skills can and should be taught. This alleviates the stress that miscommunication can cause.

Open communication between all levels must be encouraged. If something were to go wrong, how will anyone know if everyone is afraid to say something?

Alignment Gets You Back on Course


While meeting in the middle can seem easier said than done, aligning properly trained people with clearly defined processes and open communication creates the performance to achieve your organization’s purpose and goals. 

People will accept change when they understand the purpose behind the change. It is important that the purpose of the organization is communicated throughout. People plus process plus purpose leads to higher performance. If this performance is aligned with your purpose, your purpose will be fulfilled. 


A rocket ship ready to launch with red, blue, and yellow colors. It has three circles on the upper body of the rocket.



Moving Forward with a Stronger Rocket Ship


You want the strongest rocket ship built to sustain your mission. Alignment between people and processes is essential to your organizational success. The next blog release in this series addresses how that is accomplished by building a better, stronger rocket ship. 

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