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Can Process Documentation Increase People Satisfaction?

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One of our key clients last year had a problem…

Employees were frustrated, overwhelmed, overworked, & stressed out! They didn’t have time to align, clarify, and document processes… but they did it anyway.

People without process get frustrated.

-Ryan Weiss

You can see in the chart below, the employees in an anonymous Mentimeter survey rated all 4 questions very close to “TERRIBLE” at the beginning of the year.

What is mentimeter? it has different scales with color red, yellow, green, and blue.


The stress level in their organization was at a boiling point. The CEO was concerned – She told me that if she added one more thing to her team’s plate they might explode, but she believed they needed to get clarity within their organization.

Our team helped the client document over 150 processes in a matter of months, and the results shocked me. You can see in the chart below the feelings of the team 6 months later…

This scale has four colors representing the changes and improvement in using the P5 rocket process


No doubt there was still a reasonably high level of stress (some employees still felt “Terrible”), but the increased clarity in team members’ roles through process documentation had a dramatic impact on the overall health of the team & organization.

There is another side to this coin:

Process without people is waste.
-Ryan Weiss

Don’t document your processes in a vacuum! Creating processes that people don’t understand, use, apply, follow, etc. is a complete waste of time.

So, how do you do it? Follow these 3 guidelines for optimal results:

  1. Start high level. Don’t get into too much detail at the start.
  2. Engage people. Don’t create processes alone expecting others to follow them.
  3. Use a framework. My personal favorite is called a SIPOC. It is like the Swiss Army knife of process documentation tools…

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