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Commitment to Organizational Prosperity: Building a Better Rocketship

You have a strong understanding of how misalignment between people and processes in your organization is the real cause of the internal and external pain points of your organization. Now it’s time to start putting the pieces together to build a better rocket ship for mission success.

There is a flow that must happen for consistent progress forward. In reality, no one builds a rocket ship without designing it first. Would any organization be successful without designing how it will achieve its purpose?

When redefining and aligning the processes with the people in an organization, it is important to remember that it will take some time to start experiencing the benefits. A rocket ship isn’t built in a day.

For the past 6 years, Ryan has been helping companies understand that it takes every process in an entire organization to navigate toward success, much like it takes every aspect of a rocket ship to reach its destination. There is a flow that must happen for consistent progress.

The design must be created, the parts must come in, and people work together to create a ship that will accomplish your mission. Yes, you already had a design created, but somewhere along the way, something was overlooked. This created a flaw in the system. How do we learn without flaws?

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Top-Down Rocket Ship Construction

First and foremost is making sure that your purpose is clearly defined and stated, and that the products or services are specified. This is the nose cone of your rocket ship.

Your ship is guided by a navigation system (GPS), which is the metric used to measure performance.

The processes, the steps to fulfill the purpose of your organization, are the body, nuts, and bolts of the rocket ship.

The people are then aligned with the processes, become more engaged, and become the fuel to propel your rocket ship.

Individually, none of the pieces can make your organization succeed. Putting them all together is the key to successfully achieving your organization’s purpose and increasing profits.


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Getting Clear 

Clarity with the processes is important. To obtain clarity, the steps to fulfill the organization’s purpose are thoroughly documented. This is a detailing of the actual steps taken, not just what should or could be taken, and not what used to be done in the past. 

This can be tricky to implement as this requires people to understand the purpose behind this, and the need to document everything. At first, it will seem daunting and tedious. As it continues, it becomes second nature. In the end, clarity helps improve tasks and makes work life easier. 

Keep Measurements Simple

There is an old saying in many industries: KISS. Keep it stupid simple. When measurements become complex and complicated, they can become time-consuming to complete and interpret, leading to confusion and a lack of focus. It can become a full-time job to keep up with.

One way to conduct a measurement is to consider the journey of a customer or client. From first contact to meeting their need to retaining them for future sales, this can help determine how efficient the processes are.

Think about your customer’s journey. What is the map your client follows on their journey to the creation of value?

  • How does a client become aware of your organization?
  • How do they become your client?
  • How do you help them?
  • What is the process for operations to get the client what they want?
  • What is the process for collecting money from the client?
  • What is the process for retaining and upselling the client?

The process is more than just considering operations. Every department has a part to play in your customer’s journey. Ensure that your clients have a clear guide to a long and fruitful partnership with your organization.


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Engagement is the Fuel

Employees are like the fuel of your rocket ship. If the ship is low on fuel, it will burn out fast no matter how shiny and new all the parts are. If your employees are not engaged, don’t understand the purpose, and don’t understand the processes, your organization isn’t going to go anywhere.

An interesting side effect of following this process was discovered with an anonymous survey from a previous client. We learned that the employees were less stressed, had more clarity, and ultimately had a better work/life balance. This included everyone from top to bottom.

Getting Ready to Launch

There is a flow that must happen for consistent progress forward. Rocket ships are not built in a day and are not crafted without them being designed first. You know the purpose of your organization and now you know the design.

The result is achieving your mission. That may include seeing profits increase, retaining engaged employees, and having more clients come to you instead of the competition. You become the competition. As an added side effect, your employees become less stressed and tend to see a better work/life balance.

Who doesn’t want to see their organization become a strong success? By bringing it all together you can start the mission to achieve your organization’s purpose and soar among the stars, the topic of the next series in this blog release.

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