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Achieving Your Mission and Soaring Among the Stars through Process Organization

This entire blog series has reviewed how your perceived problem is a symptom of the real problem, how to solve the real problem, and how to design a stronger rocket ship. Now it is time to launch your stronger organization to achieve its purpose.

This process has been implemented for 6 years now and has proven successful in creating tens of millions in revenues for clients, including 3 giant multi-national organizations and dozens of smaller to mid-sized organizations.

Benefits of Redesigning Your Organization


Management and employees are no longer frustrated, and work stressors are decreasing. This creates an environment where people are more engaged and enjoy going to work. This builds stronger performance.

This alignment process has been implemented in small to medium-sized organizations expecting revenue from $3 million up to $50 million, even during a pandemic. When your organization is functioning properly, it will reach its target audience, creating value for your clients and ultimately fulfilling your organization’s purpose.


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Case Study


A client in the technology service industry was struggling with inefficient and frustrating client onboarding experiences. This was leading to lost clients, frustrated employees, and declining business results!

The perceived problem was that customers were too busy, and we were dropping out because they simply didn’t have the bandwidth or budget to follow through.

The real problem was that the tech service company’s process was broken, inefficient, and full of missed handoffs between team members. This ultimately led to some customers slipping through the cracks, having bad experiences, and canceling their subscriptions.

The solution was created and executed in 3 virtual workshop sessions separated by about 1 week each.

Following the customer journey map process, the leadership team evaluated their process from their client’s perspective.

How did leads find out about their service?

How did leads become prospects through their warming process?

How did prospects become customers through their sales and finance process?

How did their operations team onboard clients into their system?

How did they retain and upsell clients to extend the longevity of their relationship?


As the leadership team worked through the process, they found that the average customer would have contact with 4-5 different employees by the time they were fully onboarded into the system.

The employees were getting frustrated… Pointing fingers at each other, questioning why another employee hadn’t followed up yet, making comments about employees who let clients slip through the cracks, etc.

Their clients were dropping their subscriptions because the excitement of the purchase wore off before they were fully onboarded into the system.

The owners were frustrated, as their team was faltering as they grew.

In 3 workshop sessions, we created the customer journey map, QVS, and Accountability chart. The solution revealed itself!

Ultimately, they designated a concierge to shepherd each new client through the experience of becoming a client, paying, and getting onboarded into the system while they were still engaged and excited!

The end result was dramatically improved client retention, more engaged employees, and a happier ownership team as a result of increased sales and reduced employee turnover!

I followed up personally with the client about 6 months after and asked if they were still using the system we put in place, and Jason (CEO) said: “Absolutely! We love it”.

Interested in learning more about how this may apply to your unique business?


The rocket ship is abut to soar among the stars. It has white, red, and blue dots colors.

Soaring Among the Stars


When sales are ok, but it took a lot to get there and there is no guarantee that sales will increase, your rocket is one-sided and will miss its mark. This can cause your journey to be longer than it needs to be or to fail altogether.

Much like how a rocket ship needs everything to work together to create a successful mission, your organization needs alignment between people, processes, and purpose for success.

Even in times of unforeseen circumstances, profits can increase, and companies can excel at achieving their purpose. Frustrations can be decreased by gaining clarity in communication, having well-defined processes, and aligning their people.

When problems arise, many people think the presenting issue is the problem. The presenting issue is usually a symptom of the real problem. Solving the real problem does not have to be overly complex. It requires understanding.

Let the experts help!


Contact Effective Performance Strategies today to get you on your way to a more effective and efficient mission to achieve your dreams and see your organization soar among the stars.

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