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A doctor in the Philippines changed my life… and should change yours too.

This is an example of a person's heartbeat.

The events below were life-changing for me. I hope as you read them, they will impact your view on the purpose, people, and process in your life as well…

In 2013, I was on an amazing trajectory. I had been promoted to manage a large global team. The company I worked for moved my family (wife + 3 children) to the Philippines. My company was paying for housing, private schooling, and business class plane tickets.

I was making great money. My success was growing exponentially. We had an amazing modern house in a gated community with a live-in maid and a driver. I was leading a great team of people… I was on top of the world!


The brown duck with green head and yellow beak is relaxing in the pond.


What was really going on?

I have heard that ducks look peaceful above the water, but you should look below the surface if you want to see what is really going on. My story below will share a little insight…


Doctor: Welcome! What brings you to my office today?

Me: I have been feeling some chest pains for the past several weeks that just don’t seem to be going away.

Doctor: Interesting. What do you do for work? Is it stressful?

Me: No, it isn’t really that stressful. I have an amazing team of folks that I manage in a night shift operation. I love what I do, and the people I work with!

Doctor: How much coffee do you drink?

Me: Well, I drink a couple of Starbucks Americanos every night to stay awake, and I often take team members downstairs to meet at the coffee shop.

Doctor: I see… How much sleep do you get?

Me: That is a problem! I have trouble sleeping when I get home during the day because I drink so much coffee to stay awake during my shift…

Doctor: How much exercise do you get?

Me: It is hard to exercise, because I always feel tired, because I don’t sleep, because I drink so much coffee, because of my job…

Doctor: You seem like a smart guy – You don’t need medicine – You will figure this out. So, how have you been enjoying your life here in the Philippines?

He transitioned from leading me to the solution through a logical series of questions to casually letting me know that I could figure it out on my own!!!

I learned a lot at that moment – I needed to get my stuff together.

I needed to make some changes to better align…

  • My Purpose: Who was I and where was I going?
  • My People: Did the people around me really know how much I cared for them or was I taking them for granted?
  • My Process: As an American, I was expecting some tests and a prescription to make the problem go away… The doctor gave me a taste of my own medicine – Ryan, you need to figure out your process to get it in alignment with your purpose & people!

This is what led me on the journey I am on today to challenge each of you…

  • What is your purpose in life?
  • Who are the people in your life that are enabling or hindering you from fulfilling it?
  • How are you creating processes (habits) to align these three elements together?

Keep moving forward!


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